About the Gypsy

I am a girl. I'm 21 years old right now. I live in Massachusetts as I am writing this, in the Boston/Cambridge area, studying Intercultural Relations. I happen to have a lot of opinions and life experiences hidden in my brain. I want to get them out and have you read them, despite the fact that my blocks of free time are getting smaller and smaller as the days go by.

My heritage is as such: half-American, and half-Mauritian. The Mauritian side presides over me sometimes,  and at others I switch to a more American mindset. It all depends on the day and on what I talk about. I love both sides of me, but since I lived in Mauritius for longer I find myself more comfortable with Mauritian elements. I studied in the US, Upstate NY to be more specific, to get my bachelor's degree in Art History. I have only recently been more exposed to US culture directly.

I kind of fit in everywhere, but not anywhere in particular. I have travelled all my life. This has helped me become who I am today. I hope my life will always include travelling, because I know of no other way to live. Who knows to where the sandstorm will sweep me next...

Want to email me? Feel free to email burdened.mary@gmail.com and I'll try my best to get back to you. Otherwise, if you comment on a post I'd probably be the first to reply to you there.

Thanks for reading.